Q:   How will the DJ / MC be dressed at my event?
Q:  Will you set-up your equipment before our guests arrive? 
A: To reserve your date, we require 50% of the total package cost. A minimum of $125.00 is required.

Professional Disc Jockey

A:  You decide! The Planning Guide document has a place on it to choose how you prefer your DJ / MC to be dressed. Whatever you chose, you can be assured that it will be tasteful and professional. The following attire descriptions should help in making your decision. 
A: The balance is due two weeks before your contracted event date.
A:  Yes, and we play them! One of the most frequent complaints of other DJ companies is not playing the requests of you and your guests. We have thousands of songs at each event. Your special requests are important to us, which is why we discuss them with you in advance.
A:   Absolutely! There is NO additional charge for this. This is just another way that we fulfill our commitment to professionalism. In our professional opinion, it looks down right “tacky” having you and your guests watch the set-up process. We will coordinate the set-up time with the banquet facility as required.
A: Unfortunately not, however, if you are able to re-book the date, you will be able to transfer the deposit. (Your rescheduled date must be within 12 months of the original contract date). 

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Q: How much is the deposit? 
A:   Overtime is available in half-hour and hour increments. For each additional hour over the contracted time, a $175 fee is assessed ($100 for a half hour).

Business Casual –Polo with dress slacks
Q: Do you take requests

Casual –Polo with denim jeans (or shorts – outdoor events)
Q: Is the deposit refundable? 

Formal – Shirt and tie and/or vest
Q: How much do you charge for additional time?​
Q: When is the balance due?